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Ms. Onki Ko

Ms. Onki is the NET teacher at CPS. She comes from Glencoe, a small town near London, Canada. Ms. Onki has lived and studied in Canada all her life. She went to the University of Western Ontario, where she studied 'Developmental Psychology' and 'Criminology' and enjoyed finding out about the social and mental development of children. After graduating, she moved to Hong Kong to work as a native English teacher.

As a NET teacher, Ms. Onki's goal is to build her students' interest in learning English through various means. She believes there are numerous ways and tools to teach English and not just by picking up a grimy old grammar book. Language on its own is a colorful, essential part of everyone's identity, and the ability to express oneself through written words and spoken words that makes up who we are. Ms. Onki hopes to show her students that English is a gateway to a fuller and richer understanding of the world around us and a necessary skill for nearly anything they will do in life.

Ms. Onki enjoys living in Hong Kong. She has been teaching in Hong Kong since 2005. In her spare time, she likes to read and Thai box with her friends.

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