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The mathematics curriculum in CPS aims to nurture student thinking, inquiry, reasoning, problem-solving and expression skills through various activities. We emphasize the basic knowledge and technique in mathematics, and let student learn how to learn. In class teacher would adopt the inquiry learning pedagogy, along with different types of class activities. Student had to engage and discuss with other students, and construct their own knowledge. When necessary, we would ask student to apply information technology to enhance their learning experience. So they would undergo inquiry activities more effectively.

On the other hand, we would teach quick calculation skill and problem solving strategy systematically. And make mathematics a daily tool for our student.

Since few years ago, we have already started the ‘doing before learning, learning before teaching’ approach. Student would first have a basic understanding on what they are going to learn in class, so they would easily grasp the idea. We also let student get involved in designing the assignment, so that we can tailor each students’ need and raise their interest in learning mathematics. They would work in group to nurture their cooperation and communication skill.

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