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The Creative Schools Continuum Online Arts Exhibition
Explanatory Statement 

The Core Values of the Creative School Continuum are represented by the Classical Architectural Façade.


The Stylobate, or the base slabs in 2 layers, represents the Core belief and the Vision of the school sponsor. They form the solid base on which our Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary Schools are built.


The Columns, or the 4 pillars of supports, represent what form the key strength and stability of our 3 continuum: 


  -  Our positive, highly student-centred  ethos based on respect and trust between members of the school community

  -  Our vibrant, happy, caring school life that is full of opportunities and choices for our students

  -  Our professional teachers who are committed, caring and supportive of students

  -  Our world-class Curriculum & Pedagogical approach 


Above the 4 pillars is the Entablature, which represents the outcome of our efforts in the character building of our students, fostering them to become positive, effective and independent learners capable of inquiry, critical and creative thinking and life-long learning habits. 


Finally, the triangle-shaped Pediment represents our ultimate aspirations for our students – helping them to build self-confidence, self-worth and positive characters that enable them to readily meet new challenges and embrace new opportunities they encounter in the future with courage and optimism. 

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