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The Creative Schools Continuum Online Art Exhibition

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“Enjoyment as a pastime is not the only benefit of Art – Skills, values and attitudes developed in art education are transferable to other areas of learning and life”


The Creative Continuum of Creative Secondary School (CSS), Creative Primary School (CPS) and Creative Primary School’s Kindergarten (CPSKG) is known for its forward-thinking, progressive, exceptionally student-centred education for students aged 3 to 17 in Hong Kong.  Arts and aesthetic education, being such an important and beneficial part of the all-rounded development of students, is highly emphasised in the respective curriculum of our 3 schools. For this reason, we have chosen this online Art Exhibition as our first continuum joint activity this year.  

It is a common concern nowadays that traditional education with only an emphasis on academic attainment based on exam scores is not going to be adequate for preparing new generations of the workforce for our digital and innovation-driven economy. In our increasingly competitive and rapidly changing world, creativity and innovation are the key drivers of economic growth and competitiveness.    


Recent university research has found that arts education is considered one of the essential ways to nurture the skills and attitudes required by innovation and creativity. In addition, it was found that Arts Education can also help students build confidence and self-esteem, enhance emotional well-being, foster positive character as well as acquire essential generic and social skills. 


An article “The Power of Art Education” displayed here at this art exhibition outlines the key benefits of Arts Education. This same article is also posted on the respective websites of our kindergartenprimary and secondary schools. 

Arts Education at Creative Schools Continuum

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The Power of Art Education

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