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Programme of Inquiry

The transdisciplinary curriculum is a set of interesting, challenging and sigificant courses in the PYP. Students study beyond the boundaries between subjects, master skills in specific situations, and explore learning content relevant to them.


The transdisciplinary programme of inquiry includes six themes of global significance:

i) Who we are

ii) Where we are in place and time

iii) How we express ourselves

iv) How the world works

v) How we organize ourselves

vi) Sharing the planet

Students explore and learn about issues of global significance through the "Units of Inquiry". The teacher will formulate the "central idea" and "lines of inquiry" of each unit based on the transdisciplinary theme, and set the scope for students' learning. Students learn through inquiry, through the process of tuning in, finding out, sorting out, analysis and understanding, and systematically learn different skills, such as data collection methods, data processing, questioning skills, etc., which are applied to the learning of the transdisciplinary themes in order to give play to the spirit of independent learning, construct knowledge and broaden their horizons. These units of inquiry form the "Programme of Inquiry" of the PYP.


The following is the "Programme of Inquiry" of our school:

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