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Ms Jocelyn Fung

Having experiences in English teaching and curriculum development in both secondary and primary schools, I have noticed that it is essential to help students to cultivate an interest and develop their competency in learning English in the elementary levels; and as they proceed to upper levels, to appreciate cultures and develop critical thinking skills through English. Thus, I hope to help my students to use English not only as a tool to communicate, but also as a window to view the world and to appreciate other cultures.

At CPS, there is a strong sense of care among all members of the school. With this kind of love and support, I believe that students can learn well with confidence; since failures will be embraced and turned into successes. The school is also full of excitements and learning opportunities. Hence, I do not view myself as a teacher only but also a student who is learning something new every day! Teaching is a long journey. Throughout the journey, my major satisfaction comes from being able to learn with my students and also seeing my students grow, both academically and personally.


-Master of Education, English Language Studies – University of Hong Kong

-Postgraduate Certificate of Education, English – University of Hong Kong

-Bachelor of Arts, Business Administration – California State University, Fullerton, USA

-Language Proficiency Assessments for Teachers (English Language) – Attained

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