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Ms. Ruby Kwok

My Passion Toward Education

Creative Primary School is a place that provides a well-planned and tailor-made curriculum through interactive student-centered methodologies, individual exploration, and free play. Being a teacher at CPS for over some years, I truly love and treasure every moment I spend with my students inside and outside the classroom.

As a part of the CPS family, my knowledge, enthusiasm for teaching as well as my sense of humor have only grown but have never declined. My passion to guarantee an exciting learning process in a happy and stimulating learning environment has never diminished.

“Teaching is a work of heart” - my personal beliefs and feelings are the cornerstone of my teaching philosophy. I believe that when students are exposed to a respectful and loving culture and learning climate, with high expectations, they will excel.

As a teacher, I always help my students to strive for the best, and never settle for less. Every child is unique. With my passion in education, I hope to nurture my students with care in every way possible. I bear the responsibility to make each and every moment special for my students, add magic to their lives, motivate them to make a difference in the lives of others, and, most importantly, teach them to love life. Children are our future. We educators, are the beacon of light towards their rich and full future.


1. Certificate for Teachers, major in Geography, The Hong Kong Institute of Education

2. Bachelor of Education (Honors), major in Counselling, Baptist University of Hong Kong

3. Language Proficiency Requirement for English Teachers (Attained), Queensland University of Technology

4. Certificate of Brain-based Learning Train the Trainers Program for HKSAR Teachers, Association of Brain-based Learning in Education

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