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Chow Tsz Yau Millia

My Creative Week

My Creative Week would be about treasuring our lives! Nowadays, many students hurt themselves or even commit suicide. Therefore, I would like them to create their own stories by making a video and try to find out the beauty of their lives!

The story can be in anything, for example, their families, their friends, their pets, their dreams, their interests and hobbies. I would like them to make good use of their creativity and reflect on the meaning of life! I hope they can design their videos and show us how lives are treasurable and what truly makes them happy!

Finally, the videos will be shown to parents, teachers, and students. They will select some groups to receive awards. I hope this Creative Week can help students to discover their dreams and appreciate their lives! I hope students will like my idea!

Cool Girl_edited.jpg

Mr Kevin

Great idea for a creative week activity! Very meaningful!

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