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Ma Yat Ting Johnny

Self Introduction

I am Johnny Ma Yat Ting. I am eleven years old. I study at Creative Primary School. My family has three members, my dad, my sister and me.

In the past six years, I have strived hard to improve. My grades are excellent. I have been awarded many awards in different subjects, such as English, Unit of Inquiry and Mathematics. My proudest award is the Outstanding Achievement award in studies because only 4 students get this award each year.

In my leisure time, I like playing football to relax because I enjoy the excitement in every competition. So, I have joined the Kowloon City Football Team and the school football team. I have great achievements in football too. When I was in Primary five, I led my school football team to win the Pui O 70 anniversary five-on-one football competition. After the competition, I thought that if I put in effort on everything, I can succeed.

Apart from playing football, I am very eager to serve the community, so I decided to become a scout. While I was joining the scouts, I learned that we can serve others by doing something simple, such as donating money to charities and giving money to beggars on the street, these actions already helped a lot. Last year, my classmates and I organised a charity sale. Although it was difficult to host this event, we finally made it. We raised twenty thousand Hong Kong dollars in total and fully donated it to World Vision to help the victims in the earthquake.

My primary school life is very enjoyable. I met many friends at school by joining different activities. When I play with them, all my stress will disappear. I am glad that I have met them in my primary school life.

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Miss So

Good job writing about yourself. Keep going and I am sure you will do even better in your secondary school.

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