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Szeto Yuen Kwan Cayden

Stray dog

Barbecue is a popular activity in autumn. My family and I had a barbecue last Saturday at Sai Kung West Country Park to celebrate my birthday. I brought some vegetables, meat and bread. I also brought my favourite cola with me.

We were all cooking our food over the fire. Everyone felt satisfied. Mom put her handbag next to her so she would not forget to take it back. Then, a stray dog sneaked in and walked around us. I saw it coming from the bushes. It was a thin brown dog and it looked hungry.

The stray dog hopped in suddenly and took Mom’s bag away. I ran back to the bushes. All of us felt scared and did not know how to react. After a while, we all stood up and ran to chase the dog.

We failed to chase the dog but luckily we found the handbag under a tree nearby. Everyone was pleased, especially my mom.

Cool Girl_edited.jpg

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