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Cheng Ngai Yan Bella

My Best Friend

My best friend is Asuka. She has a pair of big round eyes and a small nose. She also has a small mouth with big white teeth. Asuka is nine years old now. I have known her for four years.

Asuka is a kind and cute girl. She likes to smile to me because I always tell her jokes to make her laugh. She loves to play rock, paper, scissors with me. I always lose, and she always wins me. We love to play games at recess together.

Asuka likes dancing and playing the piano, just like me. She also loves to collect stickers but I didn’t like to collect them before. Yesterday, she made me love to collect the stickers. She gave me all her favourite stickers and she let me stick them on her notebook.

Asuka is my best friend because she is a helpful person. She loves to tell me something about herself so I learn a lot about her. We also make each other laugh because we always tell jokes to each other. I hope we will be best friends forever.

Cool Girl_edited.jpg

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