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Cheung Shun Yat Joshua

A Healthy Day for Mickey Mouse

In the morning, Mickey Mouse wakes up at seven o’clock. He sleeps for ten hours a day. He usually brushes his teeth then he eats breakfast. He eats a lot of food for breakfast like eggs, sandwiches, bread, cheese and udon and drinks milk.

After breakfast, Mickey Mouse usually drinks plenty of water. After two hours, he always goes to the gym to do a lot of different exercises like push ups and lifting weights and he also runs for an hour on the treadmill. After doing a lot of exercise, he always eats lunch. He eats a lot of different healthy foods at lunch, like fish, broccoli, chicken, lettuce, tomatoes and pork.

After lunch, he usually goes swimming to exercise his muscles. Then he sometimes goes to the snacks vending machine but he only gets one snack which is unsalted vegetable fries.

After that, Mickey Mouse always plays with his mouse friends like Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck and Pluto. They usually play cops and robbers together.

In the evening, Mickey Mouse always has a nice healthy dinner. For dinner, he usually has fish, beef, broccoli, vegetables, rice, baked potato and many more! After dinner, he brushes his teeth for two minutes then showers. Finally, he goes to bed at nine o’clock.

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Miss Fung

Mickey Mouse is super healthy! Thanks for sharing his healthy day, Joshua!

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