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Nie Clark

Terry's Violin

Last Saturday morning, the weather was cool and windy. Terry finished his violin class. So, Terry went to Sunny Park because he wanted to take a rest. When he sat down on the bench, he heard a bark. Terry looked around and saw a cute stray dog looking at him wagging its tail. Terry put his violin on the bench and played Catch the Ball with the stray dog.

After playing for an hour, Terry left Sunny Park and he forgot his violin on the bench in the playground! Terry went back home to have lunch. After lunch, he suddenly remembered he left his violin in the park. When he returned to the same bench, the violin was disappeared! He was so desperate and worried. He was relieved that his grandma gave him for his birthday present. Terry felt so upset.

Terry started walking home. He saw a security officer holding his violin and thanked the officer. Terry felt happy again.

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