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Yip Hui Yan Karin

Susan and the Robot Cat

One day, Susan’s mom gave her some money to buy toys in the toy shop because she got very high scores in her report card. When Susan got to the shop, she decided to buy a robot cat.

She was super excited to play with the robot cat. So, when she got back home, she placed the robot cat on her desk and started to play with it.

The next day, when she was packing up her backpack, she secretly put her robot cat in it but she didn’t know that the robot cat’s power was still on.

When she was in the class, all of a sudden, the robot cat jumped out of her backpack. At that moment, she was very nervous and surprised that the robot cat jumped out.

The teacher and Susan’s classmates didn’t realise it until Susan screamed loudly. When her classmates saw a robot cat jumping around, they were very scared and screamed too. The teacher was super mad at Susan and gave her detention for the rest of the week.

Lastly, Susan learnt not to bring any toys back to school ever again.

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