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Lee Wing Tung

A Special Christmas Party

Yesterday, it was my school’s Christmas party. There were many activities I could do like playing games, eating food and many more. My favourite was the lucky draw that I had entered. I arrived with my parents. When I entered the party, I saw plates of food. I saw turkeys, pudding, pizza and cake. There were many to choose. I got a plate of food and went to the hall. I got a paper that said “ 52314”. When the host was announcing who won the lucky draw, I was already there in front of him. Then, he said the winner was “52341”.

I thought that was my number, so I ran towards the stage and yelled that I was the one who won. I soon found out I was wrong. I wasn’t sad, instead I was laughing.

That was an unforgettable day. I enjoyed it very much and I would enter and try again next year.

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Miss Chung

You wrote an interesting Christmas party! The conversation and the thoughts made your writing coherent and vivid. Good job! The mistakes of punctuation are very minor. Still, you can do proofreading after drafting to eliminate unnecessary spelling mistakes! Keep it up! 🙂

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