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Kwok Tsz Yu

A School Newsletter

The Interests of Our 5A1 Classmates

What are your interests? What do you like doing? I recently interviewed some of my 5A1 friends. Do you have the same interests as them?

Esme loves playing the harp. She thinks it makes her more confident when she gets on stage. The reason that she loves learning harp is that she likes to face challenges. When she plays it, she gets happier every time. Even practicing it, Esme also thinks playing harps is elegant because the harp produces peaceful sounds.

Abby is interested in swimming. She thinks it makes her relax all the time. She even got a medal in backstroke competition. She thinks swimming is fun. She thinks it is the best sport she has ever played.

Sophia Klaus is obsessed with cooking and drawing. Drawing helps improve her drawing and painting skills. She even got medals from drawing competitions. She started drawing when she was two years old! For cooking, it helps her know more about cooking.

Sophia Kwok enjoys doing gymnastics and ice-skating. She thinks these activities make her happy and also keep her healthy. She thinks they are fun, enjoyable and also challenging. She has fun playing with her friends. She is happier too.

Here are their interests. Do you have the same interests as them? What do you enjoy doing? I hope you like reading this newsletter!

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