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Leung Shu Nga Carly

The Interests of My Friends

What are your interests? What do you enjoy doing the most? I have interviewed some of my friends in 5A4 about their interests. Do you have the same interests as them?

Natalie enjoys playing the harp. She thinks playing the harp is very calm, elegant and unique. She thinks the sound made from the harp is very relaxing. She plays it when she is frustrated. Natalie enjoys playing the harp more than studying Chinese.

Dancing is Karin’s favourite hobby. She loves dancing because dancing helps Karin develop new skills and enhance creativity. She enjoys dancing more than doing homework.

Marie’s favourite hobby is drawing. She thinks drawing is very chill and calm. Drawing helps Marie to be more creative and open-minded. She used to draw not too well but now she draws amazing pictures! Marie likes drawing more than baking.

My favourite hobby is playing basketball. I play basketball because it makes me stronger and healthier. I think playing basketball is very exciting and fun. I enjoy playing basketball more than doing homework.

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