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Zhang Anzuo

Susan and the Robot Cat

Last Sunday, Susan went to the toy store and found an adorable kitten at a counter. She looked closer. Oh no! It was a robot cat! She bought it and took it home.

When she came home, she pressed the “on” button on the kitten carefully, and waited for something to happen. One minute later, the cat suddenly opened its eyes and said, “ Hello!” as a first greeting. Susan thought it was so lovely, so she kept the robot cat close to her all the time.

One day, Susan thought it would be great to show the robot cat to her classmates. Even though she knew it was against the rules, she still thought hiding it in her backpack could keep it a secret to the teachers. She agreed with herself and brought the robot cat to school.

At school, Susan tried to keep the robot quiet during the first lesson. When the teacher wasn’t looking at her, she reached into her bag and searched for the “off” button. All she did was just beating the cat’s ears with her hand. Finally, she felt something stout but she was not sure what it wsa. She pressed it, but it wasn’t the “off” button. It was the “jump” button, and half minute later, the robot cat jumped out from the bag!

Her teacher and classmates were shocked and horrified. The teacher came quickly to her seat and asked, “Young lady, what have you got over there?” Susan stammered, “ N…n…noth…th…thing.” The teacher picked up her backpack and took the robot out. She said, “You know that our school doesn’t allow to bring robots to school, yeah?” Susan nodded. Her teacher said, “I’ll forgive you this time, but if I find this in your backpack again, you’re going to be called to the principal’s office. “Susan nodded, she agreed that she would not do anything against the rules anymore.

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Teacher’s comment:

Hi Audrey, your story about Susan and her robot cat is fantastic.The language you used is fluent with minor mistakes. The thinking and the dialogue you used are fabulous! Perfect! 🙂

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