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Weng Timoi

The Amazing Carpenter

The person who inspires me the most is my grandpa, who lives in Zhou Shan. He has a squeaky voice and he doesn’t wear glasses.

My grandpa was very poor when he was a child. He was the eldest of his four siblings, so he had to start working at the age of fifteen. His dad was a carpenter and he had to learn from him. However, it wasn’t as easy as he thought. After eight years, he got married and had a child. My grandpa wanted to have a better life for himself and his family, so he worked very hard and became a construction project manager.

After he retired, he started to learn new things he always wanted to do. He tried writing Chinese poems and got an award. He also tried Chinese calligraphy and got another award. He wanted to have a healthy body, so he quit smoking and drinking. And now, he goes to the gym every week.

My grandpa inspired me to try new things, work hard and never give up on the things I love.

Cool Girl_edited.jpg

Teacher’s comment:

You’re such an inspiring Grandpa! Thanks for sharing Timoi. Wonderful written!

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