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Liu Chin Yeuk Quinn

The most talented actress - Jenna Ortega

Everyone has been inspired before. Everyone has a role model. Well, today I am going to share, the role model that I got inspire by. The most hard-working - Jenna Ortega.

So, if you don’t know who she is. She is the one who played a famous movie, called Wednesday” She was the main character. In the movie, she has black long hair, a plain white skin, and usually wears black clothes. She is now very popular of her talent.

Before she played Wednesday, she thought she would lose her career because no movies wanted her. Until she found a movie that she could fit in. In the progress of playing Wednesday. When she went back to her hotel, she will cry. Why? Well, you see. The director said that she must play the cello, shoot arrows and dance. And everyday she would use a lot of energy on acting and training. She was always stress out. But she kept going.

She inspired me because she is very hard-working and I just want to be like her.

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