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Man Cheuk Yan Jolis

The Flag Bags

One Saturday morning, Anne and Kenny volunteered for a charity called Help the Poor. They dressed up in their favourite clothes and then started to walk down the street, telling everyone who seemed interested in what Help the Poor was about. If the people donated money, then they would get a beautiful sticker designed by Anne. They kept working until they ran out of stickers. Tired Anne and Kenny walked into the highest rated fast food shop and ordered their favourite meal. While they were enjoying their scrumptious food, they were too focused on eating and didn’t notice that a sly thief was about to steal their flag bags. Oh no, what would happen next?

After Anne and Kenny finished their meal. They turned around and saw that their flag bags were gone! They looked all over the place but both their flag bags were nowhere to be seen, as if disappeared into the air. Anne and Kenny were so sad that they burst into tears, “Oh no!” cried Kenny. “What shall we do now?” wailed Anne.

Suddenly, Smart Kenny came up with an idea. “How about we ask the restaurant what happened by checking the security camera?” he suggested. “Sure,” said Anne with a smile “let’s do it!” The pair explained what happened then the nice lady showed them who stole their flag bags. Anne, who had sharp eyes, saw the exact same looking thief outside the door. She urged Kenny to chase after the thief to get their important flag bags back.

It was revealed that the thief was actually one of the ladies that Anne and Kenny helped earlier. This tale tells us that we should keepaon eye on our belongings and never leave them unattended.

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Teacher’s comment:

Overall, you have given a lot of details with an interesting plot. Well done.

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