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Cheng Hei Yin Ally

The Amazing Person who inspired me- My Mom

There are a lot of people that inspire me, but there is only one person who is the best in my eyes. That person is my amazing mother, Polly.

She has beautiful long straight hair. Her face has some freckles and curly eyelashes. She is now 41 years old and graduated with an education degree in Chinese and Music. There are few things in her life that were really special. One of them is she won a STEAM competition for her school and because of that, she could record a video and shared with everyone. The second thing is that she has been promoted to be the vice principal. Both of these incidents inspired me to strive and work hard because my mom dedicated a long time perfecting her STEAM project which helped her reach the position she is in now.

This person is going to be my role model and to inspire me forever.

Cool Girl_edited.jpg

Miss So

Great sharing about your mommy!!

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