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Mai Tik Lam Dilynn

The Old Man

One day, I went to visit my friend who lives in a public estate in Shatin. The building is old and dirty. It was disgusting. My friend lives on the top floor.

I went into the building and took the lift. It opened, it was empty. After I went into the lift and turned around. I suddenly saw an old man standing in the corner. I was shocked but I could still keep myself calm. I pressed the floor button and closed the door.

I felt strange because the old man kept standing without pressing the button on the floor. I asked him if I could help, however, he did not reply. Because of this, I was a little bit scared since his face looked pale and white.

When I arrived at the top floor and the lift door opened, I quickly left the lift and ran to the flat of my friend. When I looked back, I could not see the old man coming out. The lift closed. I was terrified because of this. I told my friend about this story. My friend was scared, and she told me that the old man may if been her grandpa who died a few days ago. I heard the news and my face turned pale.

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Miss Sarah

Dilynn, you got me shaking in my boots with this story. Great plot and build-up to the climax. Keep taking your time unraveling the events of your story. You’re a great storyteller.

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