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Kung Hiu Yu Evelyn


If I could invent anything, I would create a special bag which can help us carry things with less energy, and named it The Slime Playdoll!

Firstly, Slime Playdoll was as soft as a playdoll and we can change their shapes flexibly. It was filled with slime in the playdoll and covered with the thickest plastic layer. Don’t worry, it wasn’t sticky at all! Slime Playdoll is not only for playing for entertainment, it had many more useful functions, such as making toys, a pencil case, a bag (as big as you want), a basketball, football… you name it!

However, how would we use it? It was very easy! We just needed one material – our helpful hands. Once we pressed the Slime Playdoll, it would be sunken. On the other hand, if we squished it, it would be flattened. So, let’s have an example of making a bag.

How to make a bag with Slime Playdoll:

1: Press the middle of the playdoll and make a big hole.
2: OK! Fix the shape of the bag and makes it looks normal.

This invent was suitable for everyone in the world even animals! Especially, I would sell them free for poor, disabled people and charity organization. Isn’t it a great idea?

Cool Girl_edited.jpg

Miss June

A very interesting product indeed + you have such a kind heart that you are willing to help others who are less fortunate. Well done, Evelyn!

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