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Li Ho Yan Rachel

An Important Lesson

Today Billy learnt a lesson that he would never forget. Billy is a person that always tells lies, how will he stop telling lies?

One day Billy’s mom and dad gifted Billy’s brother a painting set Billy really wanted. So he said, “Not fair! I wanted this set too.” The whole family didn’t respond and Billy ran to his room feeling jealous. Billy’s brother then put the painting set on his table and went out for a walk.

What Billy’s brother didn’t know is Billy slowly crept into the room. Billy stole the painting set and put it under his bed. Billy’s brother looked everywhere to find the set, but he couldn’t. Giving up looking for it and he asked Mom about it, but Mom didn’t know either. So Mom asked Billy but he said, “No, I didn’t see it anywhere.”

Then when Mom was cleaning the room, she found the paint all over the floor. Then she knew what to do. A day later, Mom told Billy, “I don’t know who steal the painting set but that person does not have God’s trust.” After that, Billy told his brother he stole the set and said sorry. His brother forgave him.

Billy learnt a lesson. From that day onwards he has never told lies again.

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Miss Tang

That’s because Billy felt guilty about it. Good try! 😊 You have a good opening paragraph!

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