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Lian Yu Chi

My Brother's Big Scare

Last night, my little brother was playing his favourite video game, “silme shooters”. He was having a lot of fun when, “whoosh!”, he saw a white blur at the corner of his eye.

As quietly as a mouse, he crept up to the attic and looked outside the window. He could only see a huge, bugeyed, razor-sharp fanged ghost-looking straight back at him! He wanted to run but he was so scared that he felt like an octopus rooting him to his spot. Since he couldn’t run, he quickly gathered every atom of strength he had and yanked the outer layer of the ghost which came tearing off. The ghost came collapsing into a heap, containing a pulley, a white sheet, and a rope.

Then, the answer came to him: the ghost was a prank! As soon as he thought that, shreiks of laughter came from below. It was his friend! “Silly Jake,” he said, “You fell for it!”

After solving the mystery of the “ghost”, my litle brother learnt to be courageous and to solve problem on his own.

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