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Lam Yat Sam Helia

Best Dad's Prank I've Ever Experienced

One normal night during the weekend when we finished eating dinner, my mom was watching TV I was reading books while listening to music and my litle brother was playing his favourite toy. Dad was visiting grandma and he was not back yet.

Suddenly, the door bell rang. My little brother saw two persons outside the window. He felt curious, so he went up to the window quickly to see who they were. It was raining hard and was very dark outside, so my little brother could not see them clearly. He felt concerned and scared, so he asked Mom and I to open the door together.

Mom opened the door and turned on the light. We were all shocked because there were TWO “dads” in front of us! My little brother and I asked, “Why are there two dads? And who is the real one?” The two “dads” replied, “Guess who is the real one!” We all looked carefully at them, but they looked so alike, so we chose the left one. The “dad” on the right said, “Wrong! I’m your real dad!” The “dads” laughed. I asked, “Then… who are you?” Mom realized something and said, “You must be my husband’s twin brother! But I thought you’re living in USA?” The left dad said, “I just came to Hong Kong for a holiday and bring you guys this surprise because today is April Fools Day!” We all laughed and we were so happy to see uncle!

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Miss So

Funny story! 😊 I like it!

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