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Low Eugenie Ito

Okinawa Trip

I had a trip to Okinawa, Japan with my family during the Easter holiday.

After taking the plane, we rented a car and set off to the beach villa. The scenery there was very beautiful. We played in the park nearby, the facilities were fun and exciting. Then we went to the beach. It was clean, but there was a lot of seaweed in the sea!

We also went to the aquarium and saw a lot of sea animals. What impressed me the most was seeing the whale shark, the largest fish on earth. It was huge! The dolphin show was exciting too! The dolphins jumping into water were simply majestic! We bought some souvenirs and went back to the villa with a happy smile.

We lived in the beach villa for three days and spent another three days at an onsen hotel. The hot spring was really hot!

It’s time to go back to Hong Kong! We reutrned to Hong Kong by plane. This was an unforgettable journey!

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Mr. Kevin

Wonderful work sharing your trip with me!

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