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Weng Timoi

The scary but enjoyable birthday

The phone rang. “Hello,” I said. No one was there. I hung up. All the lights went out.

I froze in fear, not sure what to do. Then, something moved behind the sofa, “Happy Birthday Timoi!” shouted mom, dad, and my sister Jimi. I screamed loudly, very loudly. “Happy birthday?” Jimi repeated “Oh, sorry. I was scared. Thanks everyone,” I replied.” Calm down Timoi.” said mom. After that, mom took the birthday cake out and everyone sang the birthday song to me. The cake was stunning, it looked and tasted great. I felt very satisfied after eating it.

Later, I asked my mom if she called me on the phone when the lights went out. She said she didn’t and dad and Jimi also didn’t call me. That was weird, I thought. Then, the lights went out once more, I looked around and I couldn’t find my family! The phone rang again, and no one answered. I was creeped out. The doorbell rang and my friends came in. “Happy birthday!” They all shouted “Thanks everyone!” I said calmly.

My friends came in and told me they were the ones who called me because they wanted to make sure I was home. I was relieved to hear that. Afterwards, we played video games together, ate a tasty dinner and had a movie night.

When I went to bed, I felt so grateful for my loving friends and family. I also felt so grateful for having a fun and interesting birthday.

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