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Hong Myles

My Unforgettable Holiday

My unforgettable holiday was in November of 2022. I went to Okinawa, Japan with my family. We went to the beach to play in the sand, but we didn’t play in the water because the weather was too cold. We also went to the aquarium, and it was really amazing to see sharks so close.

We went to many different parks. The parks were very big, and the facilities were fun. Moreover, we went to two different zoos. We saw elephants and other big animals in the zoo located in the city. The other zoo was located in the rural area. My little brother and I fed and observed the birds for over an hour. There were many types of birds, my favourite bird was the pink flamingo.

We went to Round One, it is an amusement center offering arcade games, bowling alleys and billiards. We spent all day there because it was raining outside. I played video games that I had never played before.

We had many delicious foods including ice cream, donuts, and Japanese food. I am always happy because there are many parks!

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Miss June

Wonderful! So glad you had such a big fun and wonderful drive with your family in Okinawa!

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