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Shek Sum Yu

Easter Holiday

This Easter holiday, my family and I travelled to Taiwan for four days. Now I will introduce you about the most interesting cruise trip.

I went to Kai Tak Cruise Terminal. We lined up for a long time and each of us received the cruise card. A huge cruise ship was already waiting for us.

It looked bigger than our school. It was as high as the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal building. The cruise ship had 13 decks just like a tower standing on the sea! It was so beautiful inside when I walked into the cruise ship. It looked like a luxury hotel, all the decks were carpeted. Each room was en suite and they were very clean.

There were about 3000 passengers on board and 1200 staff. The staff always warmly smiled and greeted us.

Food was served 24 hours a day, I liked going to the 12th deck for the buffet. There was a lot of delicious food as well as yummy cakes and ice-cream.

The cruise ship was like a small world which had everything. There were many entertainment facilities such as hot springs, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, ball games, fitness centre, table tennis etc. Many activities were held in the atrium including singing and dancing, captain meeting etc. There were also wonderful performances at the theatre in the evening. There was a big swimming pool on the open deck with a large screen where we could watch movies and eat ice-cream next to it. I went swimming a few times with my dad and we had so much fun. I sat on a chair and looked at the blue sky on the 16th open deck which I enjoyed it so much!

The four days passed quickly, I had great fun during my Easter holiday. I love cruise trip and I would like to stay on it forever!

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Miss Onki

Wow, sounds like you had an awesome time! I would have felt the same to stay longer! 😊

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