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Lam Yan Yuet

My Favourite Season – Summer

Around the world, different places have different seasons in one year. The weather changes in different seasons and it affects our lives. In this essay, I am going to share my favorite season, summer.

We experience different kinds of weather in summer. It is usually hot and sunny. People like to eat ice-cream on these days. Also, it is sometimes rainy and we need to bring an umbrella. Moreover, it is often stormy and we should stay at home.

We choose clothing that is suitable for the weather in summer. For example, when the weather is hot, I always wear shorts and a T-shirt. Also, I wear a swimsuit when I go to the beach. In addition, I choose coloured clothing because it can help you stay cool.

We do certain activities in the summer. First, I go to the beach, swim and play in the sand. There are many more things I can play at the beach! Apart from this, my birthday is in summer, too! That’s why I like summer so much. If it is rainy, I just choose to stay at home.

In conclusion, it is usually hot and humid in summer and we can choose the clothing suitable for the weather. Also, people can enjoy a lot of fun summer activities. Summer is the best season of all.

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