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Wong Elvis

My Favourite Pets

I have three favorite pets: two hamsters and one guinea pig.

Introducing my first hamster, Bunbun. She is very nice, fluffy, fat and cute. She is also the first hamster that my family bought. When we first saw her, she was sleeping, and was looking cute, so my brother, sister and I asked my mom if we could get her as a Christmas gift for us. And fortunately, she said yes! So we bought a cage, some food, a glass house, a running wheel and more! When she came home, we found out that she is very flexible and fast. She is currently two years old.

Introducing my second hamster, Milk Tea. She is a cute, young, fluffy and quick hamster. This one is my favorite, not because she is fluffy or cute, but because we have a lot in common. When she eats something she likes, she eats it very slowly, just to make sure it lasts as long as possible. She is just like me eating chips.

My third pet is a guinea pig. She always poops in her house! In my family, only my dad and my brother knows how to lift her up! She is very fast and big, which is also one of the main reasons why I can’t carry her.

I love all my pets but there is one problem: none of them are boys!

Cool Girl_edited.jpg

Miss June

That’s very cute, Elvis! Do make sure you are a responsible pet owner!

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