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Lam Cham Kiu Julian

Little Red and the Mad Thugs

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Little Red who lived in a city. She was wearing a red T-shirt. One day, she took a train to her mom’s place to bring her some food. She checked on her phone and saw that there were thugs in the area. “Hopefully they are not robbing my mom,” she thought. But when she reached her mom’s place, the thugs were robbing her mom. She decided to look for weapons but she couldn’t find anything but rocks. So, she decided to do what she could and threw the rocks at the thugs. Her plan worked but all her mom’s jewelery had been stolen. She decided to give her mom the scrumptious food anyway and they had a great time. Her mom was very grateful that she had such a brave daughter.

Cool Girl_edited.jpg

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