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Student-centered Pedagogical Model

Shengben Education

The theory of Shengben Education was implemented in Creative Primary School since 2003. It is a set of curriculum and pedagogical strategies for the teaching of Chinese and Mathematics subjects. The objective of the theory is to motivate of students' self-learning interest and abilities by engaging the students as the center drivers of the learning process.

Shengben Chinese Language

Parents of CPS can choose the medium of instructions for their children's Chinese lessons, which are either in Cantonese or Putonghua. Shengben Chinese teaching and learning strategies are deployed in both medium.

Extensive reading is the basis of our Chinese Language learning strategies. For Primary One Chinese classes, students are expected to be able to recognize a large number of Chinese characters. In Primary Two Chinese classes, we aim at enhancing students’ speaking abilities. In Primary Three, encouraging a large amount of reading is also the key driver in enhancing students’ basic writing skills.  In Primary 4 and above, further refinement in student’s Chinese writing skills and style is again enhanced by more advanced reading both in quantity and quality.

In 2005, CPS participated in the ‘Shengben Education Research Programme’ conducted by Dr. Cheung Yee Man and Dr. Doris Law Yin Kum of the Hong Kong Institute of Education. The research revealed that Shengbeng Education is able effectively enhanced students’ reading quantity and in turn greatly improve their ability to express effectively in Chinese Language.

Shengben Mathematics

Shengben Mathematics strategies were also introduced to Creative Primary School in 2003. Its underlying theory is to promote and stimulate students' interests in mathematics through a large amount of activities, games and other related positive experiences. As a result, our students' abilities and enthusiasm in mathematics are subtlety and effectively rose.

Shengben Mathematics teaching strategies are now implemented throughout all levels of the school. Integrating these strategies together with the introduction of the theory of financial management in our school-based curriculum, Mathematic standards among our students have been greatly enhanced. In recent years, many of our students have won recognitions and awards in numerous external assessments and competitions in Mathematics locally and internationally.

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