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Ms. Edith Lam

I was graduated from the City University of Hong Kong as Bachelor of Arts (Honours) major in English in Primary Education; later I attained the Certificate for Teachers in Primary School, major in English from The Hong Kong Institute of Education. I have also attained the Language Proficiency Requirement for English Teachers.

I would like to be a teacher since I was a secondary student. In Form 4, I met my class teacher, Miss Tam, who was a very nice, caring but serious teacher. She always told us academic result was not everything. Everyone had his/her own strength or potential. If we develop our potential and pursue our dreams, we know what we should do. Therefore, she is my model to be a teacher. She really could make a difference to me.

I have been teaching in CPS for over ten years. In CPS, I enjoy teaching children as they are sincere, unique and creative. I felt satisfied when my students fully participated in my lessons. I had inspirations when my students expressed their creative ideas. I was delighted when my students explored and developed their potentials. As a teacher, I hope I can help my students to build up their self-confidence and help them to fly. To me, teaching is full of challenges. It can bring me great sense of achievement.

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