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Ms. Onki Ko

Hello! I’m Ms. Onki, the NET teacher at CPS.
I come from Glencoe, a small town near London, Canada. I have lived and studied in Canada all my life. I went to University of Western Ontario, where I studied ‘Developmental Psychology’ and ‘Criminology’ and enjoyed finding out about the social and mental development of children. After graduating I moved to Hong Kong to work as a native English teacher.
As a NET teacher my goal is to build my students’ interest in learning English through various means. I believe there are numerous ways and tools to teach English and not just by picking up a grimy old grammar book. Language on its own is a colorful, essential part of everyone’s identity, and the ability to express one’s self through written words and spoken words that makes up who we are. I hope to show my students that English is a gateway to a fuller and richer understanding of the world around us and a necessary skill for nearly anything they will do in life.
I enjoy living in Hong Kong. I have been teaching in Hong Kong since 2005. In my spare time I like to read and Thai box with my friends.

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