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Alumni Association Activities


2023 年 12 月 16 日(星期六)— 疫情期間,這個一直被視為同學會每年的重頭被迫暫停了數年,到今年終於可以復辦。沒見幾年,多學仔,同學女都長大了,就連同學仔、同學女的仔女也長大了!相隔多年,大家又能聚首一堂,自然有說不盡的話互相傾訴,大家在歡笑歡中、音樂聲中,度過了一個歡樂的晚上。


The second meeting of CPS Alumni Association Preparatory Committee (23/02/2019)

  • 2017 Creative Primary School Alumni Association Christmas Party

  • Walk for Millions

  • Archery Activities

  • Pottery Class

  • Creative Primary School Annual General Meeting and Basketball Fun Day

  • Officiating at Creative Primary School Sports Day

  • Officiating at Creative Primary School Swimming Gala

  • 2016 Alumni Association Christmas Party

  • CPSAA Committee Team Building

  • Oyster & Wine Pairing

  • P6 Education Camp as the judge of the Talent Show


​Cake Making Workshop 2018

July 28, 2018 (Saturday) - During the summer heat, the Alumni Association provided an opportunity for alumni to get together with their teachers during the long summer holiday. This cake making workshop attracted many alumni to bring along their relatives, whist some teachers attended with their children and families. Under the guidance of professional instructors, they made unique chocolate cakes. Through this activity, the parent-child relationship has been enhanced. The event ended with a warm atmosphere.

Christmas Party 2018

December 15, 2018 (Saturday) - The annual Christmas Party was successfully held at the School Hall. There were over 200 students, teachers and parents attended the party and broke previous records. Learning from previous years' experience, this year's games were enhanced with interactive elements and some lucky draw prizes were sponsored by interested parties to celebrate the occasion together. In the performance session, Samuel Lai and Lin Rui, the 26th cohort alumni, sang a number of classic pop songs in a chorus, followed by a flash mob performance in which an unprecedented 16 members from alumni and current students performed together, bringing the atmosphere to a climax. Thanks to the support of all parties, the party was successfully completed in a joyful atmosphere.

2018/19 Annual General Meeting
March 2, 2019 (Saturday) - The 2018/19 Annual General Meeting was held in the School Hall. On that day, the Executive Committee members reviewed the development of the past two years and introduced the way forward to the members and teachers. They also completed the handover of the first and second Executive Committee cabinets. The transition of the Executive Committee marked the beginning of a new era for the Alumni Association. The new Executive Committee will further strengthen its role as a bridge between the alma mater and alumni. While caring for the development of young alumni, more different types of activities will be held to strengthen the ties between the alumni and the alma mater.