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School Hymn

All our staffs, students and alumni should be very familiar with our school hymn.  However, have you ever think about the story behind this beautiful song?

The earliest version of the school hymn starts with the chorus session. Its lyrics are written by our first principal Ms. Li Yu Xiu Shun (李俞秀舜). Later, our music teachers Ms. Liang Shi Chen(梁士琛)and Ms. Zheng Hui Ping (鄭慧萍)has invited Dr. Chan Wing-Wah (陳永華博士)from the Chinese University of Hong Kong to compose suitable melody based on existing partial lyrics. Dr. Chan offered his help generously and finished the whole school song after a short period of time.

When we first hear the melody provided by Dr. Chan, we are both thankful but also worried; we are amazed by Dr. Chan’s talent and efficiency, however at the same time worried that whether we can write up matching lyrics for the rest part of the song.

Under the lead of Principal Tai Lam Sau Mui (戴林秀梅),our teachers are divided into several groups and each developed their own editions. We combined the best part of different editions together which soon become the final version.

Dear all students, next time when you sing the school song, never forget how many people had devoted their efforts in composing this beautiful song.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Dr. Chan Wing-Wah, Principal Li Yu Xiu Shun, Principal Anita Tai Lam Sau Mui (戴林秀梅), Ms. Liang Shi Chen and Ms. Zheng Hui Ping and all the teachers who have contributed in writing the lyrics.

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