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High Order Thinking

CPS believes its is of utmost importance to develop children's thinking abilities in their early stage of learning, therefore, she dedicated the "EQ and Thinking" Curriculum through P1 to P3 classes, so as to lay a sound foundation of thinking ability for our children. Until 2004, CPS cordially invited Dr. CHENG Hon Man Roger of The CUHK to be our voluntary consultant. Dr. Cheng conducted a series of training for the teachers so that they can implement "Thinking Education" in the school. In the same year, the "Creative Pedagogical Development Group" was founded; it was empowered by altogether 10 personnel, including the Principal, subject panels and the teachers. The objective of the group is to find out appropriate methods to promote thinking skill in everyday teaching practices. For instance, in the Chinese and General Studies curriculum all through the six grades, the Group put forward the "Six Elements of Thinking", which includes "perceiving", "analyzing", "creating", "criticizing", "synthesizing" and "reporting". All the teachers are invited to the workshops on thinking skills in the Teachers Development Day.

In February 2004, CPS embarked on the "Creative Week 2004", which was set to be in line with the school annual theme "盡責協力、好思樂群", all the learning activities were rearranged on a trans-disciplinary base and specially made timetables. Activities such as study on researching tools, classroom and out-door learning, sharing and reporting, etc. were introduced in all six grades, so as to teach the students about the strategy of gaming, self-management, planning, researching, as well as reporting. In 2005 and 2007, the Creative Weeks were tentatively held with the annual themes "樂於探究、經歷成就", "認識腦基礎、學習展效能" and "善用腦基礎、學習添效能" respectively. Subsequently, the "Creative Week" became a yearly great event of the school from which, the students can develop their thinking ability in a free and creative learning atmosphere.

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