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Invitational Education

Educational Theory

Invitation Education (IE) was founded joinlty by American scholars, Dr. William W. Purkey and Dr. Betty L. Siegel. The core educational belief of IE sees all persons as able, valuable and responsible. An inspirational environment is necessary for students to fully develop their potentials. Therefore, the two founding scholars strongly advocate schools to cultivate trusting, respectful and optimistic school ethos, allowing students to study and learn under an exceptionally compassionate and encouraging environment, and nurture their self-regards and help them realise their potentials and talent to the full.

Through the concept of 5Ps - People, Places, Policies, Programs and Processes, Inviting Schools strive to excel their education quality and reinforce students' self-esteem and self-confidence, and allow students to have postive personal development and academic advancement. Each student's potential will be fully realized to facilitate their best.

The first Primary School in Hong Kong won the 'Inviting School Award'

In 2002, Creative Primary School was granted the 'Inviting School Award' by the International Alliance for Invitational Education (IAIE). The award recognises the school's efforts and achievements in maintaining an exceptionally caring and student-centered school culture that positively encourages the realisation of students' potentials. Creative Primary School is the first primary school in Hong Kong to receive this award.

Subsequently, the school continued to win the 'Inviting School Silver Fidelity Award' for 4 times before winning the IAIE's the highest tier of award, the 'Inviting School Golden Fidelity Award' in 2015. The gold award recognises the school's commitment and efforts in sustaining Invitational Education. These awards are not only a result of the relentless effort made by our staff, students and parents over the year in promoting Inviting Education in the school, but is also a recognition of the school's educational achievements by an international educational institution.

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