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Ms. Maggie Tang

I have been teaching in CPS for over 20 years. I have noticed the changes in the world in terms of technology, knowledge, skills, etc. At the same time, I have also gone through different changes and impacts of the education system, from in a traditional way to highly innovative; from a concrete curriculum framework to a generic and cross-curricular framework; from a knowledge-conveying mode to an inquiry mode of teaching. These changes have got a high impact in my mind about how I can pave the way for my students to get used to the new world.

The striving of knowledge has no boundary. As a teacher, my role should be an inspirer, a facilitator who equips the students to explore their own world. I have experience in teaching English, General Studies, Maths and ICT and I am the Panel chair of the English department. I have learnt that English has played a very important role to help students to connect the world and to explore the changes in the world. I am so glad to be the one who can play my part in the journey of students’ learning.

Hopefully, my students can strive and thrive for themselves and they can contribute their part to make a difference in the world in the future.

- Master of Education, Curriculum Studies (English Language Education) – Chinese University of Hong Kong
- Bachelor of Science (Environmental Science) – The University of Hong Kong
- PGDE (Primary Education, major in English teaching) – The University of Hong Kong
- Certificate of Brain-based Learning Train the Trainer Programs for HKSAR Teachers (2008) – Association of Brain-based Learning in Education

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