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Li Ho Lin

Magical Wonder of Reed Flutes

China has almost 5,000 years of interesting history, do you know that different
parts of China have a lot of enchanting sceneries of Mother Nature? Today, I will talk about Guilin’s majestic Flute Cave.

This cave is so breathtaking that former US presidents Nixon and Carter visited the cave. The “Flute Cave” got its name from the type of reed growing inside, which can be made into magical flutes! It dates back to 792 AD in the Tang dynasty. The cave is famous for its unforgettable view of a long water-eroded cave, featuring a fascinating collection of stalactites. Each of the gorgeous stone pillars and rock formations was created by carbonate deposition. Every one of them has been given a poetic name by the CHINESE. For instance, it has the Crystal Palace, the Virgin Forest, Dragon Pagodaand the Flower Mountain. Within the cave, there are over 70 inscriptions emblazonedon the rock with ink. These poems or travelogues were written by the Tang dynasty.

The cave was rediscovered in the 1940’s by a group of refugees fleeing from the
pursuit of the Japanese troops. Twenty years later, the cave was formally “opened”
to the public in 1962.

In conclusion, we humans should protect and cherish these magnificent nature
beauties because they have a lot of precious meaning and history.

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