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Liu Chin Yeuk Quinn

The Symbol of Paris and Love

Can you name the landmark that is the symbol of Paris and romance! Yes, it is the Eiffel Tower located in Paris, north of France. It has a ton of fun facts that you don’t know.

It was designed by a French civil engineer called Gustave Eiffel. He built this for a 1889 fun exhibition. It is a large global exhibition to showcase called World’s fair. Now the Eiffel Tower is a place where you can see the view of Paris, the city of light.

Paris and love

The Eiffel tower is very famous nowadays because it is a powerful and distinctive symbol of the city Paris, and by extension, of France. It was a “crazy design”, a “daring design” and the symbolized French know-how industrial genius. It was alsothe tallest in the old days which is about 1000 feet tall. It is made of iron.
Now, most people think of it as a symbol of love or simply a beautiful emblemof Paris but it also represents, the magic of light. Should people visit this place? Ofcourse yes!!! Because the Eiffel Tower has a spectacular accent, a unique panoramic view of Paris, a glittering beacon in the skies of the capital and the inspiring dreams every evening. It is a once of a life time landmark to see.

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