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Leung Hoi Yan Adelyn

Princess Ariel's Daily Schedule

Ariel has exciting and fun times every day.

In the morning, her best friend Flounder wakes her up and they would tell each other jokes to make the morning brighter. Then, she swims to the toilet to brush her smelly teeth and wash her beautiful face. Afterwards, she eats her healthy breakfast with her dad. In the afternoon, Ariel goes to The Mermaid Academy to learn about the world. Next, she eats lunch with her mermaid friends at the school cafeteria. Then, she goes home to play games with her six sisters. In the evening, Ariel goes to The Royal Orchestra to practise her harp for the upcoming performance. Then, she goes home to join the family dinner, which fills with laughter and joy. After dinner, she brushes her teeth and cleans her face.
Finally, she says good night to her family and goes to bed.

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Miss Sarah

Wow! Very detailed writing about Ariel’s day! Very interesting and creative ideas1

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