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Lin Ying Tung

A Little Bird

Yesterday, my little brother saw something outside the window, so he went up to the window.
Suddenly, my brother saw a bird standing by the window. "Sister, come here quickly," my little brother said. "The bird's feet seem to be caught in the leaves here," I replied. "So what should we do? I can't bear to see it all tangled up," Brother Super said.

Then, we took a pair of scissors. "How can you cut off the branches without hurting the bird?" the brother asked. "Should you try not to touch the bird?" he continued. "Yes, you should try not to touch the bird and carefully pick up the branches," I said. The brother took the scissors and cut the branches one by one. When the bird's feet could move again, it patted its little feet as if to thank us. My brother and I also had smiles on our faces.

Cool Girl_edited.jpg

Teacher’s comments:

It’s really an interesting experience to help small animals to get out of

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