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Lyu Miehan Ruyi

The Boy and The Dragon

Once upon a time, there lived a dragon in a cave. The dragon used to destroy the lives of the villagers. For example, the destruction of their houses, the destruction of their farmland, the killing of their livestock, the villagers suffer. There was a boy in the village. His name was Jack and he was very brave. Every time he saw the dragon harassing the villagers, he decided to defeat the dragon. He tried many ways to defeat the dragon but failed, his persistence touched an elf who decided to help him.
The elf told Jack the dragon’s weakness was the dragon’s eye, and that he could defeat the dragon by striking him three times in the eye. So off they went, through the forest, they swam across the river and finally reached the dragon’s cave. They hid themselves in the grass and waited until evening when they slipped quietly into the cave. Jack did what the elf had told him, and at once he thrusted his sword three times into the dragon’s eye. At last, the dragon was dead and the villagers were safe.

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Teacher’s comment:

Yay! Jack and the elf eventually saved the village! What a happy ending!

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