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Chow Tsz Yan Millia

Saving Santa

Ding! Breaking news! Emergency! Santa Claus is trapped in a chimney. Christmas will likely be cancelled.” I quickly gathered my gear and headed out the door.

I used my telescope to see which chimney Santa Claus was stuck in. I looked around and finally found him on my neighbours’ chimney. Two fat legs were sticking up. I climbed up to the rooftop and finally saw Santa Claus. I said, “I am here to save you because the kids in town are still waiting for you to deliver their gifts!” Santa told me to get his mobile phone and call his elves to save him. I dialed the number to call “Smart Elves”. Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring! The phone was answered in a matter of seconds. The elves asked, “Is there a problem, Santa?” I told them how Santa was trapped in a chimney and Santa wanted them to save him. The elves said they would be there as fast as they could. Within a minute, the elves arrived. I was so surprised because behind them was a man who was very tall and strong.

It was Superman! The elves asked him for help! They were so smart! Superman, the elves and I used all our strength to pull Santa out. Santa finally came out and thanked us. He needed to deliver the gifts to the children immediately. Santa gave me a big present. I was very surprised and happy. His elves told him,” It’s time to lose weight, Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa laughed and sat on his sled, flying away with Superman and his elves.

That day felt like a dream. I could hardly believe that I had saved Santa Claus and met Superman! The gift that Santa gave me serves as a constant reminder that it was not a dream. I guess I am now a friend of Santa’s!

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Miss Tang

The ideas are interesting and organized quite well. A bit more details can given to the part about Superman. It is expected that he should be doing something different from you!

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