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Cao Zhiheng Lily

Amazing Scenic Helicopter Flight

This Christmas holiday, I tried something new. Guess what? I took a helicopter tour for the FIRST time in Australia!

That morning, Dad drove us to 12 Apostles Great Ocean Road in Princetown from Melbourne for 3 hours. When I arrived at the destination and saw the beautiful red helicopter landing on the ground, I felt very excited and a little bit nervous. Would it be very noisy in the helicopter? Would it vibrate frequently during the flight? What should I do if the helicopter falls down into the ocean? After all, it was my first time flying in a helicopter, even though I dreamt of this many times.

At that time, Dad seemed to know what I was thinking about. He patted me on my shoulder and said, “Don’t worry. The pilot is a highly-trained professional with many hours of experience.” I took a deep breath, wore the life vest as instructed and stepped into the helicopter. I sat in the assigned seat and kept my seatbelt fastened. Soon, the helicopter took off. I was fully attracted by the fantastic aerial views of the 12 Apostles, Shipwreck Coast and London Bridge. The flight was very smooth, I didn’t feel any bumps in the helicopter! Around 15 minutes later, the flight ended. I got off the helicopter with reluctance.

This scenic helicopter flight gave me an amazing experience. I am very glad that I didn’t quit, otherwise I would have missed this unprecedented wonderful experience.

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