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Wu Han Bo

Designing Creative Week

If I could design my own Creative Week for P6 students, I would incorporate a variety of subjects and activities to simulate their imagination, critical thinking and artistic skills.

On the first day, students would explore the fascination of storytelling and creative writing. They would learn about different narrative structures, character development and the effective use of descriptive language. Engaging exercises, such as group storytelling, creating their own characters and writing short stories would be included.

The second day would focus on visual arts and crafts. Students would have the opportunity to experiment with various art mediums, for example drawing, painting and sculpting. They could create their own masterpieces inspired by famous artists, or design and construct innovative crafts using recyclable materials.

The third day would be dedicated to science and conducting hands-on experiments. Students would explore different scientific concepts through exciting experiments, fostering their curiosity and analytical skills. They can learn about topics, like chemical reactions, forces or simple machines and engage in interactive experiments that demonstrate these principles.

On the fourth day, students would delve into the world of music and performance. They would learn about different musical instruments, basic music theory and the importance of rhythm and melody. Activities such as learning to play simple tunes, composing their own music or organizing a small musical performance would be part of this day's agenda.

The final day would be exploring coding. They would learn the basics of programming and coding through interactive games and activities. They could create their own simple programs or animations using block-based coding platforms designed for beginners.

Throughout the creative week, interdisciplinary projects could be incorporated, allowing students to apply their knowledge and skills from different subjects into a cohesive final project. For example, they could write and illustrate a child's book, incorporating elements of storytelling, visual arts and creative writing.

The aim of this Creative Week would be to foster students’ creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. By exposing them to a diverse range of activities, they will have the opportunity to explore their interests, develop new skills and get a broader perspective of various views of knowledge.

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